PC Board Layout

PCB layout needs tend to fall into one of two categories. Either designers are waiting for your electronic design to be completed so they can proceed with board layout or several boards need to be laid out simultaneously. Most companies cycle between these scenarios making resource management a chronic and costly problem.

Via Technology helps our clients avoid this problem by providing PC board design services that respond to their time critical needs. We can augment your existing PC board design team or provide your total PC design capability. Our designers are highly experienced and maintain their skills by implementing challenging designs on a daily basis. What's more, unlike many PC board design houses that offer discounted design services in return for locking you into them for your bare board production, our primary function is to provide you with PCB design services.

As such, all files and tooling produced by us in association with your design belongs to you. In turn, you can take them to the PC board manufacturer of your choice and seek the most competitive prices and services for your product. If you so desire, Via Technology will gladly simplify your life by providing high quality bare boards through one of our ISO certified partners. But you make the choice.

Flat Rate PCB Designs - Fixed price layout services for clients that have complete & final design packages with well defined requirements.

Hourly PCB Design Support - For clients that require more interactive layout services or may need to start layout before their circuit design is 100% complete. (Note - All RF board design is done on an hourly rate under client direction.)

Member of the IPC Designers Council