Custom PCB Layout - Submit Order Request

Thank you for using our On-line PCB Layout Estimator. If you wish to proceed with an order please attach the following information to this email and forward it to us for review. We will then contact you to confirm pricing and take your order information. 

1. Electronic schematic in Orcad or PADS format or an ASCII net list for your design (if you require schematic entry please forward a PDF of the schematic and we will provide additional pricing for schematic capture services)
2. Complete Bill of Materials with manufacturers name and complete part number for each component referenced in the schematic 
3. Any mechanical/component placement constraints that may apply such as: 
  • required board dimensions (or limits) 
  • mounting hole locations 
  • cut outs or notches if required 
  • keep out areas or areas with restricted vertical clearance 
  • required connector or component placements 
  • markings (part number for bare board, assembly number, other marks requested) 


4. Any special layout or routing considerations such as:


  • critical trace routing guidance
  • special treatment of power/ground planes

Complete Order Request

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If you require a signed Proprietary Information Agreement prior to sending us your files, just attach your agreement to this email and we will review, sign, and return it to you first. Thanks again for choosing Via Technology!