PCB Assembly Services For California

PCB Assembly in BuffaloIf you need PCB assembly services in the California area, rely on Via Technology. Though we are located in Western New York, we provide our PCB assembly services to the State of California. If you are wondering why you might want to choose a PCB assembly company so far from you, our services and results speak for themselves. Not only have we been in business since 1992, but we have supported companies who have started out as entrepreneurs all the way to fortune 500 firms. 

Creating PCB boards requires many steps, these boards often begin with bare boards that can serve as a prototype in the initial stages. Our full-scale PCB assembly services cover the range of bare PC boards to fabrication.

We can even assist you when the printed circuit boards' testing is complete and the product is ready for launch. We do this by generating the necessary data, drawings and files to smoothly transition into production. Our support is invaluable as we also have a network of manufacturing connections.

Assembly Perfect for Any Industry

We have worked in countless industries, so your specific company can potentially find great value in our services. We even provide flexibility within the services we offer. Providing clients the opportunity to handle their own product manufacturing, offering to take care of PCB production fully, or managing production and testing.

We also have a network of qualified manufacturing partners that we can refer clients to. With this flexibility and quality of service, we are an excellent choice for any business in the California area looking for reliable PCB assembly services.

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Services

With the support of Via Technology’s engineers, we can bring your PCB Layouts into full production. While we are not manufacturers, we maintain close relationships with US-based ISO-9002 manufacturers. We refer clients to these partners or directly manage PCB assembly and fabrication with them for you. We will choose a qualified manufacturing partner to handle the volume and complexity of your printed circuit boards, scaling production to match your needs. 

Coordinated Manufacturing Services

Through our partnerships with ISO-9002 suppliers, we offer a full suite of manufacturing services for PCBs. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Prototype PCBs, low volume and high volume lots

  • Circuit card, cable and subsystem assembly
  • Through hole and surface mount technology
  • Programming, calibration, burn-in and testing
  • ISO-9002 Certified
  • JIT arrangements

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Our team of experienced designers and engineers is ready to help you bring your design to full-scale production. Contact our team today to discuss your California project and receive a quote. 

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