Buffalo, NY PCB Testing Services

PCB Testing in BuffaloDuring the process of PCB assembly, we administer a series of tests to ensure that all constraints and specifications are met. Depending on the type and scale of your project, the frequency of tests may be different.

Complex products may require multiple iterations of testing, while circuit boards requiring federal or military qualifications will be subject to additional third-party testing. 


Agency Qualification Testing Services

At Via Technology, we not only guide your PCBs through our own set of tests, but we also support third-party certification testing. We can refer clients to independent, qualified labs where our circuit boards and documentation will be reviewed. Our team can also set up electronics at the third-party lab and be present during testing if requested.

Testing Services:

  • Unit Test and system integration
  • Support for third-party certification testing
  • Custom test fixture & test software development
  • Production testing

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Rigorous testing standards lead to the quality PCBs designed by Via Technology. If you are interested in having your PCBs designed and tested by our team in Buffalo, please contact us or use our online estimator for a quote today!

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