PCB Testing 

During the process of PCB assembly, multiple tests are required to ensure that your PCBs will finish at the desired level of quality. Depending on the type and scale of your project, different types of tests may be needed to prepare your PCBs for end-stage production. At Via Technology, we not only guide your PCBs through our own set of tests, but we also support third-party certification testing and additional custom testing that may be beneficial for your project. 

Testing Services: 

PCB Testing

  • Unit Test and system integration
  • Support for third-party certification testing
  • Custom test fixture & test software development
  • Production testing

Our Testing Process:

Beginning with the source materials for each PCB, our PCB engineers thoroughly check the structural integrity and functionality of every component involved. From copper plating in our bare PCBs to complex in-circuit testing, we measure the performance of each board's parts to identify bugs and reduce faulty products from being manufactured. When a PCB satisfies our testing requirements, we safely continue through to assembly services. 

Request An Estimate:

For PCB projects at Via Technology, we stress the importance of testing throughout the assembly process. With proven performance outputs and successful testing, our team can provide you with higher quality and significant savings over the course of your product's development. Use our online estimator for a quote or contact us to speak with our team about your project today!



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