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Once your design is complete, Via Technology offers a range of assembly services for your product from prototyping to full-scale production of circuit boards and electronic assemblies including the design of Custom Test Fixtures.

All production services are customized to each client’s specifications to meet whatever industry standards apply to your product. Our level of involvement in the production of your circuit boards and electronics is up to you, making us the trustworthy choice!

pcb prototyping in lab


Via Technology can provide convenient assembly and test services to turn your design into a working prototype. We work with our qualified manufacturing partners to acquire the bare circuit boards and component parts and then assemble the electronics either in our lab or at one of our several production facilities.

If Via Technology performs the electronic design, Via Tech engineers will test and verify that the prototypes meet your specifications. Note that the prototyping and integration phase of the development effort may involve more than one iteration to achieve a final version ready for production.

Via Technology laboratory assembly services include 3D Printing and small SMT Fabrication.

3D Printing:  Utilizing an Ultimaker2 Extended + 3D printer, small assemblies such as cases, mounting components and form/fit model board assemblies may be fabricated for prototype and limited-run applications.  Using FFF technology, various resolutions are available to implement designs in a time-efficient manner.

SMT Fabrication:  A NeoDen SMT Pick&Place and Reflow Oven provide cost-effective SMT board fabrication for prototypes and low-volume fabrication of small-medium density circuit boards containing SMT devices.


Electronic Production

After you have checked out and approved that prototypes meet your specifications, Via Technology offers several options to assist you in your transition to production of your product. These include:

pcb building


  • You can take the design and produce it at your own facility or at a manufacturing facility that you have selected. If you do this, we will gladly answer any questions that your manufacturing team has related to the design files that we generate as they begin production. 
  • We can refer you to one of our qualified Contract Manufacturing (CM) partners who could assist you with the production of your electronic assemblies.
  • Via Technology can act as Prime Contractor for the production of your electronics. In this option, Via manages the entire manufacturing effort including selection of a manufacturing facility, acquisition of bare circuit boards and parts, resolution of any production question or issues, and programming and testing of the electronic assemblies. In this premium service we handle pretty much everything associated with manufacturing of the electronics for you. You just tell us what you need, and we take care of the rest.

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Whichever option you select, you own the rights to the design data and always reserve the option to take that data to any manufacturer of your choosing. Learn more about how we can design and produce your electronic prototypes or products today by contacting us.

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