PCB Design Packages

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Having worked with projects of different sizes and applications, we offer flexible and structured design packages to accommodate the services we provide.

We work with clients at different stages of product development, with options built into our packages to cover PCB prototyping, design, layout and assembly. We'll identify the best approach to support your business, taking into consideration the countless variables and specifications of any given PCB project.

Flat Rate PCB Design Packages

When we receive well-defined requirements with complete designs, our team can provide accurate estimates for the entire design process. Clients with final schematics, complete bills of materials, mechanical restraints and special considerations are positioned for flat-rate packages. Each of our flat-rate packages include built-in opportunities for reviewing and commenting on the rendered services with our team.

Flat Rate PCB Design

Hourly Rate Printed Circuit Board Design Packages

Not everything can be detailed from the beginning of a project, especially for teams that do not have access to completed schematics or prototyping for their products. Our team can work on an hourly basis to provide services at different stages of product development to create a more interactive layout process than what is offered with flat rate designs. We provide responsive and versatile support through hourly PCB services that are designed with flexibility in mind.

Hourly Rate PCB Design

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For any type of PCB design services related to product development, you can depend on Via Technology. Our team of electronic engineers are ready to help you create the quality printed circuit boards you need through our custom design packages. Contact Via Technology today to request a quote on our services!