PC Board Layout & Design 

PCB LayoutPCB layout needs tend to fall into one of two categories. Either PCB designers are waiting for your electronic design to be completed so they can proceed with board layout or several boards need to be laid out simultaneously. Most companies cycle between these scenarios making resource management a chronic and costly problem. Via Technology helps our clients overcome this problem by providing PC board layout services that respond to time-sensitive needs.  

Printed Circuit Board Layout

About Our PC Board Layout & Design Services

We can augment your existing PC board layout team or provide you with total PCB design capability. Our designers are highly experienced and maintain their skills by implementing challenging designs on a daily basis. While other PC board design companies may lock in discounted prices with exclusive bare board production firms, Via Technology leaves the choice of a manufacturer in your hands. The option to choose a suitable production company is rightfully yours. 

PCB Design in Your Control:

At Via Technology, we believe strong communication has granted us continued success with our clients. All files and tooling produced for any PCB design belong to you. Our designers also are highly trained in utilizing various software, including OrCAD, Altium, Cadence, PADS and more. This way, we can comfortably work on adjustments together with your electronic designers, by using familiar software and transferring consistent file information.

Comprehensive PCB Design & Layout Services

As a registered Orcad service provider, we offer a full range of printed circuit board design services including: 

Additionally, a complete complement of production tools is also available including Gerber, drill, insertion, stencil, and test point files, as well as photo tools, and fabrication/assembly drawings.

Contact Via Technology About Your PC Board Design & Layout Project

No matter your PC board design project, we have services that will fit your needs. Contact us today for more information on our in-depth printed circuit board layout services. 

Flat Rate PCB Designs - Fixed price layout services for clients that have complete & final design packages with well defined requirements.

Hourly PCB Design Support - For clients that require more interactive layout services or may need to start layout before their circuit design is 100% complete. (Note - All RF board design is done on an hourly rate under client direction.)

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Altium PC Board Layout

Cadence Printed Circuit Board Layout

Orcad PC Board Layout

Mentor Printed Circuit Board Layout