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Green Printed Circuit BoardChoosing the right type of PCB for your electronics can significantly affect your product performance. Whether you already have a specific PCB in mind for your product or need guidance to choose the most suitable one, our PCB designers can help. We can assist with prototyping and extensive testing with any printed circuit board options.

Our company is an industry leader that has been in operation since 1992, providing an array of clients with high-level PCB services to help enable our clients to push the boundaries on technology. Learn more about our capabilities and the different types of PCBs below.

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Printed Circuit Boards We Offer

Bare PCBs

We provide bare PCBs that can be used for designing prototypes and detailed testing. Sourced through our ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered suppliers.

Rigid PCBs

Maintaining structural integrity is the primary reason for choosing a rigid PCB. Our PCBs consist of solid substrates that do not change shape.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

These boards offer both capabilities in one PCB format, consisting of rigid and flexible materials. Often used to conserve space or weight in electronic design.

Flex PCBs

Adding more versatility to electronic design, flexible PCBs can be folded or wrapped around different space constraints and reduce space usage.


Multilayer PCBs

Complex designs require multilayer and double-sided PCBs that can accommodate advanced logical layouts. We work with a number of layer specifications.

High-Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI)

These compact PCBs feature higher wiring density compared to traditional circuit boards. HDIs allow for increased circuitry with size and weight reductions.

Radio Frequency PCBs (RF)

With the ability to operate on signals from high frequencies above 100 MHz, these PCBs are helpful for communication products and applications.

Metal Core PCBs

Also known as thermal PCBs, these boards have metal materials that act as bases that conduct heat away from essential operating board elements.



High Current PCBs

Specialized PCBs that can be used for applications with higher power loads. Built with heavy copper to provide more durability.


Ball grid arrays are a form of surface-mount packaging suitable for integrated circuits. They increase space efficiency for PCB design.




PCB Services:

Via Technology provides various PCB services to clients all over the United States. 

Services for Our Types of PCB's

  • Functional Test Fixture Design
  • Project Management
  • Production and Production Support
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For PCB design services on any of these PCB types, you can depend on Via Technology. Our electronic engineers are ready to help you choose the proper PCB to design your electronic product successfully.
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