Scientific Electronic Applications

Via Technology brings necessary expertise to all levels of electronic development. We are fully staffed and certified to handle projects from design to development.

Additionally, our team of electrical engineers can work collaboratively to supplement gaps in your production chain. Our hardware and software developers possess the precision needed to produce electronics for scientific instruments and equipment. At Via Technology, we can help your team discover the best methods to turn product ideas into working solutions for end users around the world. 

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PCB Layout For Scientific Electronics

Along with our electronic engineering and software development capabilities, we also offer specialty printed circuit board layout services for scientific electronics. We utilize the latest PCB design software to create effective layouts for projects of any level of complexity. From PCB prototyping to assembly, Via Technology offers the precision, consistency and quality your products need to achieve success in any type of environment.

Product Capability Examples: 

  • Aerospace Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Embedded Controllers
  • Power Supplies and Controllers
  • Security Alert and Access Controls
  • Communications Interfaces

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If you need an experienced team to design your electronics, speak with Via Technology. Having partnered with companies designing the latest scientific electronics across the United States, we can create turnkey solutions that scale to the output your business needs. From high-volume solutions to timely turnarounds, we will help you sustain a competitive advantage that promotes business growth.

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