Allegro Design Software for Printed Circuit Boards

Why Use Cadence Allegro Design?

Creating complex, multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) becomes a manageable task with Cadence Allegro Design software. No matter the size of your project, Cadence Allegro allows our electrical engineers to partner with your team smoothly to produce fully functional PCBs ready for fabrication. With features including design partitioning and reuse, your overall production becomes quicker and more efficient.

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How Allegro Software Works

PCB Layout

At this phase, our specialists choose a PCB layout that Allegro Designeraccommodates the specific needs of the circuit being designed.


Before the PCB is fabricated, our electronics specialists run a computer simulation of the circuit to ensure that it functions exactly as intended.  

Is a PCB Design Firm Right for You?

Not every project or company needs to enlist the help of an external PCB design firm like Via Technology. However, if the project requires creating a large volume of complex printed circuit boards quickly, and your team is understaffed or has outdated software, then you could highly benefit from the help of a PCB design firm.

At Via Technology, we support in-house design teams with the necessary manpower to scale production output levels to their desired volumes. If your team needs more people to work on PCBs using Cadence Allegro software, we have exceptional engineers trained to handle your workload.

We can also help with fabrication considerations and provide manufacturing solutions for companies operating in a wide range of industries (learn more about the industries we serve). 

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