Hourly PCB Design

For clients who require a more interactive approach to PCB layout, Via Technology offers board design services at an hourly rate. This approach allows our designers to assist your engineering teams in whatever manner best fits your particular project circumstances. Hourly PCB support works best for many situations including:

  • Clients with dense board designs who wish to experiment with preliminary placements to determine if all components can fit with necessary clearances
  • Board designs where it is uncertain if routing requirements can be accomplished within specified layer limits
  • Situations where parts of the schematic design are not yet finalized but schedule constraints dictate a need to start the rest of the board layout knowing that the final schematic may necessitate a degree of rework
  • Circumstances where the client would like Via Technology to assist in specifying part numbers for common parts (like decoupling capacitors, zero ohm resistors, etc)
  • RF designs where client direction is a necessary part of the layout (Via Technology will only perform RF PCB layout under client direction)
  • Clients who simply prefer a more interactive layout process