Bare PCBs For AssemblyBare PCBs

Sourced through our ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR-registered suppliers, our bare printed circuit boards are manufactured with exceptional quality. We thoroughly check our PCBs for consistency in accordance with industry standards. These PCBs form the backbone of assembly projects ranging from designing prototypes to launching completed products for commercial and consumer use. 

What Are Bare PC Boards Used For?

We handle acquiring materials to construct PCB prototypes, including bare PCBs. Depending on the scope of your project we can use hand or automated assembly as applicable. Regardless of the application, our professional team is capable of creating intricate and complex PCB prototypes of every scale. 

How Complex Are Bare PCBs? 

Our bare PCBs include double-sided to multilayered configurations. We are able to support projects with a wide range of complexities through the capabilities of our bare PCBs. Working with our certified suppliers, we can quickly create fully turnkey solutions for your project. We completely cover PCB assembly with detailed testing and layout services. To get started with your PCB project, contact Via Technology today!