High Current PCBs

High Current PCBs

This class of PCBs is suitable for applications that require transferring high power loads. Built with heavy copper material, high current PCBs offer additional resistance to thermal fluctuations that can accompany high currents. There are a number of applications that require high current PCBs, which vary in industry and complexity. At Via Technology, we offer numerous design solutions for high current PCBs. 

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Design Considerations for High Current PCBs

High current PCBs come in several different forms, which can be useful in different situations. We can design single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer and rigid-flex high current PCBs. With a more complex board, multiple functions can be achieved and heftier current can be relayed. Our experienced team of engineers will also work on isolating high voltage areas and noise sources to produce high-quality PCBs for your products. From military grade electronics to commercial aviation products, our high current PCBs are thoroughly tested and carefully designed. 

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If you are interested in building products with high current PCBs, contact Via Technology to learn more about how we can assist with your project. We offer an online quote form that can help you get started quickly with designing and launching your product. 

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