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OrCAD PCB DesignerWhy Use OrCAD PCB Designer?

If you need to design and build complex printed circuit boards that house hundreds of components, working without powerful software creates an ineffective and slow workflow. The OrCAD PCB Designer offers benefits such as:

  • A Scalable and Intuitive PCB Design 
  • Dramatic Increases in Productivity
  • Data Integrity Preservation
  • All-in-One Functionality from Circuit Design to Fabrication 

OrCAD PCB Designer allows our engineers to design increasingly complicated circuits as quickly as they design far simpler circuits. This is because OrCAD has a wide range of models and library databases that help an engineer "scale up" as needed by incorporating elements of predesigned circuits into a new design. That means improved productivity, lower costs and a better bottom line for you.

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About Our OrCAD PCB Designer Workflow

As one of the most powerful printed circuit board programs, OrCAD PCB Designer offers the ability to create schematics, PCB layouts, routing and simulation without navigating to other software. All of our electronics specialists have extensively trained to use OrCAD PCB Designer, which enables our team to work effectively on large projects with quicker turnarounds. If you need our assistance at any step of PCB design, we are capable of delivering the quality PCBs you need. 

1. Schematic

At the schematic phase of PCB design, our specialists design a circuit or input your existing circuit. The OrCAD PCB Designer application allows an electronics specialist to incorporate virtually any type of analog, solid-state or digital component on today's market into a PCB design. 

2. PCB Layout

At this phase, our specialists choose a PCB layout that accommodates the specific needs of the circuit being designed. There are also other factors to consider during PCB layout.

3. Routing

Efficiency is the primary goal at this phase. A routing path will be designed that maximizes the use of available space on the PCB without hindering functionality.

4. Simulation

Before the PCB is fabricated, our electronics specialists run a computer simulation of the circuit to ensure that it functions exactly as intended.  

5. Fabrication Analysis

In addition to OrCAD PCB Design, we also offer fabrication analysis services. In fact, we can take your product from conception to prototype. It's important to note that, while OrCAD PCB Designer is commercially available, the software is no substitute for the experience and expertise of a highly trained electronics engineer or technician.

Why You Should Use Via Technology

Our team of talented engineers can bolster your existing design and fabrication team or we can take the project from concept to realization as a stand-alone service. With flexible services, excellent customer care and quality design and fabrication services, Via Technology is your only logical option.

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