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PCB design in Buffalo

At Via Technology, designing printed circuit boards is a specialty area that our engineers excel at. We have partnered with a large number of businesses in a variety of industries to produce cutting-edge PCBs fit for innovative technology.

As a PCB design company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that can be quickly integrated with existing teams to provide expertise that brings your designs to life. Our engineers work with several types of PCB design software, allowing us to come alongside your teams with the same technology stacks. From testing prototype PCBs to PCB layout services, Via Technology can provide you with all aspects of PCB design in Buffalo, NY.


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PCB Layout

Our team takes product schematics, design constraints and bills of materials to begin the process of PCB Layout. Utilizing Orcad PCB Designer, Cadence Allegro and Altium Designer software, our team offers solutions for different projects we work on.  

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PCB Testing

Thorough testing throughout the PCB Design process allows Via Technology to maintain consistency through our quality control efforts. We offer a number of PCB testing services, including prototyping and third-party agency testing to meet your needs. 

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PCB Assembly

Via Technology offers a number of PCB assembly services to help bring your circuit board designs to full-scale production. Our team in Buffalo is able to work with you to decide on the best approach when it comes to printed circuit board assembly before carrying it out.

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