PCB Prototyping Services

PCB prototype

A critical component of any PCB assembly process, our team meticulously handles PCB prototyping. Creating accurate models of PC Boards improves your finished products, keeping budgets and timelines running according to your original intentions. 

Our facility is fully equipped to handle your project specifications with an array of software including updated OrCad, Altium and Allegro capabilities. We understand how important every detail is in influencing the end result and will settle for nothing short of quality. 

Accuracy Regardless of Complexity

We will handle acquiring materials to construct the PCB prototypes including bare PCBs. Depending on the scope of your project we can use hand or automated assembly as applicable. Regardless of the application, our professional team is capable of creating intricate and complex PCB prototypes of every scale. 

Contact Via Technology 

To get started on your PCB prototype project, contact our team at Via Technology today. We serve businesses across a wide selection of industries, creating highly advanced products that require impeccable PCB prototypes. We are excited to learn more about your project!